Have a wine tasting session in Paris

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France is very reputable for its great quality of wine which has attracted numerous wine enthusiasts. Many wine bars in Paris have sourced and incorporated the latest vintages which have lured wine buffs and beginners. A number of firms offer special guided tours and wine tasting in Paris events to foreign individuals visiting Paris in order to introduce them to various flavors of wine and enable them to get a great experience of a different sense of taste of diverse wines including the famous sparkling wine and champagne. The easiest way to have a spectacular wine testing experience of the French specialties is by signing up for wine tasting classes.

Below are four places for an ultimate wine testing experience in Paris?

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is famously known as a former stomping ground of French Kings. It’s the third largest wine producing region. You can have a taste of four major varieties of wine including Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Melon de Bourgogne.

Caves du Louvre

This former mansion of the sommelier to Louse XV opened doors to the public and would offer a surprising experience to anyone who is in Paris on vacation and want to taste the best of wines. Visiting the mansion will grant you a great appeal to different smell, taste, and sight with provoking sensations which are significant to appreciate wine.

Champagne Region

Champagne region is France’s major wine producing region. It is the only region where Champagne is produced. The climate and soil in this region enable the production of grapes with unique characteristics. Taking a tour of this region will give you a great experience and discovery of the French countryside.


This is also one of the largest wine producing regions in France very close to the sea. It produces wines designated as Grand Cru and is well known for six varieties of grapes. While on vacation in Paris, wine tasting would be the perfect way to immerse yourself in the France culture.