Cooking holiday provence : tip and advice

A gastronomic weekend in Paris

The best way to learn about the French food culture in Provence is to take a cooking holiday provence . To make your holiday experience in Provence memorable, it is essential to observe the following tips.

Purchase the best service

Provence has over 10,000 food corners and cafes offering culinary classes. The choice you make on culinary class determines the amount of fun and knowledge you will have. Check on the qualification of the chefs who will guide you through cooking. For example, Le Foodist has a variety of academically qualified chefs with many years of experience in food tours.

Time sensitivity

Different classes are offered at different times; you should consider your availability and fix your class when you are available. Some activities like market visits are done at a set time which is morning and evening. If you need to take such courses, you must make time. Tickets get sold out quickly, make your booking in good time before the actual day of the class.


Many services are offering the same classes but at different costs. You should choose the cheaper classes as long as the service provided is up to the standards. Do not select an inexpensive culinary course at the expense of quality. When preparing for the visit to Provence, have enough money with you. Food tours are lively, and you might want to extend your stay or take another class. In some cases, you might want to purchase a souvenir.

Things to observe

Watch over your health by paying attention to the spices and ingredients used in case you have allergies. Do not carry so many friends with you, the classes are full of diverse people and offer an excellent opportunity to make friends. Keep in mind the different weather changes and prepare for extreme weather conditions; it is just a precaution.