Food tours in the French capital

The French capital is famous for many things, among them the fantastic French cuisine.

macarons class paris

If you have just arrived in Paris, you have to make time for a cooking class in the city. The courses are well distributed to fit in your schedule. We offer morning classes, afternoon experience and evening classes.

During the morning and evening classes, the various members have a privilege of visiting the market. The participants learn about how to choose the best ingredients depending on the meals to be prepared. During the visit to the market, the learners get to learn about the rich French culture. During this time the participants get to share stories and learn from each other. You don’t have to worry if you do not want to take a market visit because they are not mandatory.

The French food tours in Paris (see here for more information ) are very professional. The team of chefs which take people through the learning process is very skilled with many years of experience. The food tours services have professional wine tasters which help people learn how to combine different wines with specific foods.

The food tours in Paris do not just help people enjoy the mouthwatering dishes but also learn about how to make the meals. The classes offered at lefoodist are purely practical where participants are allowed to participate in the culinary process actively. By the end of the course, the participants are empowered to make French dishes anywhere in the world.

The food tours in Paris are quite cheap and the packages perfectly tailored for all people who prefer to take cooking classes. At lefoodist, our classes are taught in English and the classes are quite small to ensure active participation of all the participants and we help our students to pair meals with the best wines. Meals in Paris tours are served with red or white wines.